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Do you use a laptop? Imagine what will happen if your laptop is not working.

No mails!!! No contacts!!! No accounts!!! No access to your important and valuable data!!!
Your work will come to a standstill.

All you need is a proper laptop care, the right diagnosis and the right treatment. Basically, you need a Laptop service specialist - “Club Laptop”.

“Club Laptop” is a unique concept of providing laptop users, a specialized laptop repairing service, with fastest turnaround time at affordable prices. Moreover our services are backed by 100% money back guarantee. You can also avail free pick up & delivery from our stores.

Advantage Clublaptop
1.       Fast, friendly, reliable and affordable laptop service specialist at your doorstep.
2.       Highly trained engineers backed by right tools and equipments makes Clublaptop the first choice for laptop repair.
3.       Laptops, being compact and delicate, require a high level of technical expertise.
4.       Authorized service centres have a high turnaround time & the components and services are so over priced that it is better buying a new laptop rather than getting the old one repaired.
5.        Small unorganized players operate with numerous limitations due to lack of knowledge and expertise, no guarantee of service/spares, no standard procedure or specialized engineers.
6.        Clublaptop here comes to you with the best solution, may it be the technology, the spares or the service. That too at an easy on pocket cost, in least turnaround time.
Laptop Spares & Accessories

ClubLaptop provides wide variety of Laptop Spares and Accessories to fulfill your needs.

§  High Quality Laptop Adapters
§  Laptop Batteries with Optimal Runtime
§  Laptop Screen Protector.
§  Keypad Protector
§  Pen drives
§  Laptop Cooling Pads.

ClubLaptop”, is a one stop shop for fast, friendly & affordable laptop repair services. ClubLaptop also offers a wide range of quality laptop accessories at affordable prices.
“ClubLaptop” stores are well equipped with state-of-the-art-equipments, trained engineers & quality components and spares to provide high quality end to end laptop service facilities to you. We offer a saving of upto 60% on laptop repair in comparison to the authorized service centers. Moreover all our products/services are backed by 100% money back warranty.

As a corporate citizen, instead of discarding a laptop and getting it repaired at Clublaptop, helps towards creating a healthy environment, conserves natural resources and reduces e-waste. One laptop repaired is one less going to the landfill.
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