Is internet addiction is a big problem in India? Checkout whats happening in other countries.


Internet Addiction Camp Opens

I remember when computer camp was a good thing

Welcome to South Korea, home of Kimchi, Bul Go Gi, and 250,000 Internet addicts as reported by The New York Times. Since Korea has nearly border to border Internet access apparently kids need to learn what it is to experience life without the Internet. In my day, they called that "recess" and... oh yeah, "life."

According to the Korean government, 30% of their population under 18 are at risk for Internet Addiction. That's a whopping 2.4 million kids. Here in the US the AMA has refused to accept that "video game addiction" is a problem on the same level as other addictions such as alcoholism but admits that it is a health concern. Perhaps that's because the US doesn't have nearly as many kids spending 17 hours a DAY online! Of course, after some time in the program they admitted that perhaps 17 hours a day was a bit much. Perhaps 5 would be more reasonable.

The intent of the program is to allow the participants to experience a life without the constant temptation of the Internet. They are kept busy with chores (cleaning and such) and are under constant supervision. They are limited to one hour of cell phone use a day to discourage the participants from playing games online.

The Jump Up Internet Rescue School is the first camp in a network of 140 counseling centers and almost 100 treatment centers at different hospitals that will rehabilitate and "cure" these troubled people. But in a nation where people have been known to die at their computer desks after days of online game playing, where there are Internet caf├ęs on nearly every street corner, and where playing video games is considered a sport (with superstars, sponsorships, and more), is it going to be enough? The camp lasts for 12 days and has held two such sessions to date. It is far too early to tell if it will have any affect. So far interest has been high with many more applicants that spots available. Only time will tell if this intervention will be effective.
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