What is ntuser.dat & ntuser.dat.log ?


Some people usually believe that ntuser.dat is a virus ,because it usually opens with media player or power dvd and gives an error and if we try to delete the file ,there will be an error message.
Actually it is a registry file stored documents and settings. So don't go for it, if you are not an expert.

The ntuser.dat.log file is actually a backup ,when there is an error computer fixes it with this file.

Local profile - Stored in the C:\Documents and Settings\username folder. The profiles file is NTUSER.DAT in the directory called by the user's name. A mandatory profile which discards any changes the user makes to their profile at logoff time, can be implemented by modifying the name of the user profile file from NTUSER.DAT to NTUSER.MAN. The ntuser.ini file is used to set up the user roaming profile components that are not copied to the server. The ntuser.dat.LOG file is used for NTUSER.DAT file recovery in the case of an error.

Something You want to know !
NTUSER.DAT is the running registry file for the user logged onto the
machine. Each user instance creates a new NTUSER.DAT file located in the
profile directory. While the user is logged into the machine you will NOT
be able to copy this file, nor will you be able to copy it after logging the
user off the machine (if administrator) since the file will still be locked.
So what to do,

I would assume you want to create a form of roaming profile for your
Administrator account...

1 - Create a new administrator user on the local machine for the server,
make sure this user is a member of the administrator group.

2 - Reboot the server and log on as your new local admin user.

3 - At this point in time you can access the c:\Documents and
Settings\%username% that you want and you should be able to copy all
contents of the users profile including NTUSER.DAT file.

There are tools: USMT (User State Migration Tool) and FSTW (Files and
Settings Transfer Wizard) from Microsoft that you can use. Check out the
Resource Kit for the OS you are using. Great stuff.

Recovery using ntuser.dat.log :

Click here

2 Responses to "What is ntuser.dat & ntuser.dat.log ?"
Anonymous said :
17 January 2012 at 16:01
What is in the ntuser.dat, it appears to grow in size as time goes by and as it grows the computer seems to slow down.

Is a browser history recorded in it, there appears to be url references in it?
curious guy said :
17 January 2012 at 22:33
It won't slow your machine down... Install ccleaner and use it, it will help. It's a freeware, google it download.

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