About this blog:

This blog is for just sharing the information that I got while sufing the internet and I think that may be useful to a large number of people who is searching for solutions for their problems. And most the data I posted here are not got from google searching, it is from the sites or books which is not in the top 100 entries in google search and you may find my site useful.Thanks for coming.

About me:

A student, spending time infront of computer for blogging, social networking and studying.


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Akash dev said :
2 December 2010 at 23:45
great work! keep updating with newer topics because most of the posts here are out of date for instance win xp tricks and iphone etc because now win7 iphone3g are running n android is already out n 3g has already been implemented in india. else all info here are great keep going!! cheers!

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