Yahoo mail, Yahoo search problems


Today I had some problems with yahoo. In the morning when I came to login to check some mails .
And I typed my password and ID and logged in and I clicked on the mail tab to check my mail , but the a page with a message "Connection Interrupted
The document contains no data.
The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again. " while loading the page. I tried many times by signing in and signing out, but no use ...

Then I used to yahoo search for searching the item and it showed the same page connection interrupted ! And I searched in the google nothing came useful, but it was very important to me to check my mail. After browsing here and there I asked my brother to sign in . The same page displayed. So it is not the problem with my account. But I can see the message in the main window that " You Have 1 new mail" . When clicking on it the error or something that came. At last I used a proxy site mathtunnel to login. This attempt came with a good result and I could see my mail.

I think the problem is only in our locality. The yahoo homepage is optimized for our country. The international version was different, using that version I succeeded. So if you came to have the same problem then try proxy sites. But I don't know what was the real problem. And still I have the same problem.

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