BlackBerry's clamshell Pearl


Since the beginning of the BlackBerry, this iconic messaging device has been synonymous with the flat, easy-access, candy-bar-style phone. But with the new BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Flip -- Research in Motion's first flip phone -- the paradigm changes. And it's about time: Flip phones hold a lot of appeal, and a recent J.D. Power study noted that nearly 70 percent of current cell phone customers use a flip phone. The Pearl 8220 Flip is more compact than other BlackBerry models, making it easy to slip into a pocket. The phone has an outside secondary display for previewing calls and messages, and for viewing the time. The keyboard looks similar to that on other Pearl models: It has 20 keys, and uses SureType Technology coupled with a spelling checker. The new phone has surprisingly strong multimedia chops, too: Turn the phone on its side to watch video in wide-screen mode; upload pictures to Facebook or Flickr; or use BlackBerry Media Sync to transfer music from your iTunes collection to your phone. The built-in GPS and integrated BlackBerry Maps (for location-based information and directions) will help you find your way, and integrated Wi-Fi supports phone calls and data streaming.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Flip will be sold via T-Mobile in the third quarter of this year.

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