c795tu versus Windows XP -Everything ( c700 series)

I've this laptop with me and now I'm blogging from that ! , with each and every device is ready and now there is no ' ? ' in my device manager . The one and only problem I'm now facing is with my mic, it is not working though the driver is ready and I tried linux (ubuntu 7.10) but still it is not able to work the mic properly. So let's wait for a driver update from hp . And now I'm going to explain each and every step that I followed to get the stuff installed .


Problem 1 : Installing windows XP
I had a windows XP sp2 cd with me and I just put it in the drive to install after loading process it showed an error. The very first error that I've faced, I tried again and again to get it installed !
No use ..........
Atlast I pressed F10 to get into the BIOS from the system configuration I disabled SATA native support and I tried again , it is a success.

Problem 2 : No sound, no mic, no graphics nothing !


go to the above link and download all the drivers for xp and vista .

Try installing the drivers by double clicking on them. Some will show an error or show nothing! .
Take them and change their extension from exe to rar and use winrar to explore the the files inside that one. Find and collect the files with extension .inf these are the files used for driving the devices .

Then follow the below steps to get them installed .

  • Right click on my computer
  • Choose properties
  • Click the tab hardware
  • Go to device manager
  • Right click on the device which you are going to installchoose update driver -> No, not this time -> Install from a list or specific location (advanced) ->Don't search I'll chose the driver to install -> All devices -> Have disk -> Browse to the corrsponding inf file and click ok and ignore the error messeges (continue any way)

Hope you got the idea . This is the method that i found myself and very useful .
If you have any doubts regarding this process please do reply.
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