can we connect an IDE HDD and a SATA HDD to the same M/B??


I had this doubt yesterday , I've seen a lot of mother boards but nonw of them had both SATA and IDE hdd and now I've the answer with me with explanation.

SATA is a completely different animal than normal IDE. Yes, you can have both on the same motherboard if your motherboard supports both . IDE and SATA have totally different connectors. IDE is a flat (sometimes rounded but still flat) 40-pin cable, SATA looks more like a USB cable.

It doesn't matter if the IDE is set to master, slave, whatever, the SATA will work if it's connected right. The master/slave settings only matter on that particular IDE cable which can support 2 devices. So if there's only one device on that channel, set it to master or cable select. If there's 2, one will need to be master the other slave.
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