FSL Launcher


FSL Launcher

Tired for dozen of icons on your desktop? Try this simple but powerful and intuitive launcher to organize your shortcuts , i.e. FSL Launcher freeware software.

Unique Features:

* Categories alignment (multi-tab launcher) with fast alternative menu
* Shortcuts administration for applications, documents, url links, folders aisle and more..
* Backup and Restore for groups, shortcuts and affairs settings (to/from Zip file).
* Multi users management: afar shortcuts database for anniversary Windows user (like: Father, Mother and Son).
* Drag & Drop abutment (copy or move from-to desktop or Windows folders)
* Auto-hide action with customizable appearance and adumbrate timings
* Stay (always) on top option
* Graphical Skins Management
* Capability to archetype or move shortcuts canal categories
* New: Moving about in a accumulation by letter keys
* Button mode; bunched icons appearance after shortcuts name with button anatomy and agreement options
* Single bang barrage option
* Affairs figure options: Appearance On Taskbar, Appearance in the System Tray and Don´t Show
* Appearance shortcuts advice tip box: name alone or abundant (name, type, size, date and added hints)
* Auto baddest accumulation if abrasion move over accumulation tab option
* Hideable button bar, in adjustment to abate the launcher size
* Abutment for MSI shortcuts (like MS Office™ shortcuts)
* MS-DOS files affinity (.COM files, etc..).
* Abutment for awning with Large Icons
* Multi-desktop and dual-monitor support
* Customizable tray figure color
* Windows Vista™ ready
* Abutment for Windows Vista 120 DPI awning mode
* Check for affairs updates feature
* Multilanguage: English, Italian, French, Czech, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Valencian, Dutch, Turkish, Slovak, Catalan and Danish with abutment for non latin languages translations
* Free abutment appointment for bugs address or requests

What’s New in FSL Launcher

* Fixed: some Vista affinity bugs.
* Added: new "Negro Suave" skin.
* Added: Romanian language.
* Updated: advice adviser (user manual).
* Updated: some languages

File Size: 3.1 MB

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