Getting indexed on google , really a headache !


Every blogger has dream to get indexed his each and evry posts on blogger, things where ok till the end of the last month . Now it is getting one month after my last page indexed. I've now about 459 posts but only above 200 posts are indexed. I'm really frsustrated by trying to solve this issue. Yesterday when I logged into my webmasters account I've noticed my sitemap has errors, this think is ignored by me for the last one month, oh God this is one made the problem before uploading the sitemap my blog is indexed daily, I mean after a few hours my new posts are indexed.

The problem is with the sitemap, when we upload one google bot crawls only through the sitemap assuming that all of the links are there in the sitemap. And finally I just get rid of that stuff from my webmaster tools and now I'm waiting for my remaining pages on google index. So beware of sitemap if you upload one it should be complete and error free.

So take care of your blogs.
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