Go green with the cheapest mobile phone!



Hop-on has launched “Anti-iPhone” in the US market that costs just $10. HOP1800 or Anti-iPhone is a cheapest mobile phone in the world. Not surprisingly, the HOP1800 will not include a screen of any kind (to keep the costs low), and in lieu of that it offers a tactile numeric keypad with Braille markings, which according to Hop-on is something that “touch screen cell phone users are longing for.”


  • Specifications
    Size: 96.6mm (L) x41.6mm (W) x14mm (D)
    Weight: 77 Grams
    Volume: 55 cc
    Bands: GSM Dual Band 850/1900 MHz or 900/1800 MHz with AMR
    LCD: None
    System Connector: DC Jack, Earphone Jack
    SIM: STK (SIM Tool Kit)
    Battery: Standard Li-lon 550 mAh
    Battery Life: Talk time 4 hours;
    Standby time 150 hours
    Travel Charger: 5V DC: 110-220 V AC Adaptors
    Short Message Service (SMS): None
    Phone Book: None
    Speed Dial: 8 Locations
    Call Features: Call Waiting, Call Forwarding
    Call Alert: Buzzer, Vibration
    Keypad Lock: Yes
    Ring Tone: Polyphonic (16 Midi)
    Voice call only: w/ Braille keypad/
    Ringer: Polyphonic (16 Midi)
    Embedded Vibration: Yes
    SIM Lock: Yes
    Keypad Lock: Yes

At a $10 price point in the US retail and convenient stores, the HOP1800 could be considered disposable, but the company offers a $5 rebate for returning the phone to encourage recycling the phone to “Keep it Green”.

The Hop1800, is now available in the United States for $10 USD, and worldwide. One of the new breed of ultra convenient cell phones, the pre-paid HOP1800 is ideal as a backup cell phone, when traveling abroad, or for anyone looking for a super affordable cell phone that does one thing extremely well: make phone calls. “Though the iPhone is an amazing device, I challenge anyone to make a call faster than with the HOP1800,” says Hop-On CEO Peter Michaels. “With the cost of living and roaming fees going though the roof, the HOP1800 is also the perfect iPhone traveling companion. Just buy a local SIM card and you can use the HOP1800 with over 40 domestic wireless carriers.

Both HOP1800 phones, one a Dual-band 850/1900MHz or the 900/1800MHz for Europe and Asia, weigh a scant 77 grams, offers 4 hours of talk time, 150 hours of standby time and polyphonic ring tones. Though low in cost, the HOP1800 uses reliable Infineon chip sets for excellent audio quality, reception and call stability.


The HOP1800 is a study in simplicity. There is no display. A tactile numeric keypad with Braille markings, offers reassuring buttons that touch screen cell phone users are longing for. Being a pre-paid cell phone, no contracts are required so you can be up and talking in seconds. The HOP1800 can be used with over 40 US carriers including AT&T, Cingular and T-Mobile as well as through Hop-On’s own low cost Graffiti Wirelesstm network.

The HOP1800 is now available to retailers such as drug and convenience stores, big box retailers and to businesses looking for a unique branding opportunity. Hop-on can imprint sport teams or corporate logos on the HOP1800, making it one of the most unique - and useful - premiums available. “Instead of another coffee mug, offering a branded cell phone is a memorable branding opportunity that will literally keep you in touch with your customers. What would be a better way for companies, such as insurance brokers to give to their customers, handy in case of an accident!” adds Michaels CEO .

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