Micro Express JFL9226 Laptop


Micro Express JFL9226 Laptop

Our expectations for Micro Express' first laptop with Intel's Centrino 2 CPU were pretty high. Keeping true to form, Micro Express comes through with the JFL9226, a well-rounded and well-priced all-purpose laptop.

The octane-fueled laptop, packing 3GB of RAM and a 2.53-GHz T9400 processor, whipped through our WorldBench 6 tests as if the rest of the all-purpose laptop pack were standing still. Whether burning disc images or encoding video, nothing else could keep pace: The JFL9226 scored an impressive 103 on the WorldBench test suite. The nearest competitor in the category -- Sony's VAIO VGN-SZ2791N -- scored about 10 points lower while costing almost twice as much ($2,499 as of May 30).

What's more interesting is that the JFL9226 has the same guts -- well, CPU and 3GB worth of RAM -- as Sony's new 16.4-inch entertainment laptop and still comes out slightly ahead. And it does all this while managing to last about 4.5 hours in battery tests.

In the end, the Micro Express may not be much to look at, but the JFL9226 has the quicks where it counts. By stacking on enough ports, features and power for the right price, Micro Express has put together another solid laptop.

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