Nokia N-96 a fantastic combination of style and power .


Most of the people are now comparing nokia N-96 with apple i-Phone 3G . But I'm sure N-96 will be the better choice.
A few weeks before I have posted something about i-Phone 3G (click here)
Let me say onething i- Phone is nothing infront of N-96. On seeing it first N-96 will look like an elder brother of i-Phone ! with stylish touch screen and buttons .


The N96, Nokia’s new flagship handset, is the N95 improved a step or two technologically. The body is an N81 with a dual-slide action. We copied the complete specifications from the Nokia site and pasted it below. The surprise is the built-in 16GB memory. The iPhone may have taken the first shot Nokia is not far behind. The DVB-H and GPS photo tagging are awesome additions to what the N95 has got. If Nokia can maintain this incremental feature improvements, these Nseries phones will literally be your “computer in your pocket” in a very short time. Realistically, I’ll give Nokia 2 years to do this.

Operating Frequency

WCDMA2100/900 (HSDPA) / EGSM900, GSM850/1800/1900 MHz (EGPRS)
Automatic switching between bands and modes
DVB-H Class C, 470-750 MHz


Volume: 92 cc
Weight: 125 g
Length: 103 mm
Width: 55 mm
Depth: 18 mm, locally up to 20 mm

Memory Functions*

16GB internal flash memory, plus microSD memory card slot (hot swappable) for expandability and flexibility
Approximate dynamic memory capacity indication with 16GB storage:
Video: 40 hours**
Music: 12,000 tracks***
128MB RAM, 256MB system memory (operating system plus dynamic user data area)

*Changes to product details are possible without prior notice. Application offering may vary. Dynamic memory means that the available memory is shared between dynamic memory functions. When any of these functions is used, there is less available memory for other functions which are also dependent on dynamic memory.

** Video capacity is based on H.264 768-kbps video at 320-by-240 resolution, combined with 96-kbps AAC audio. Music capacity is based on 3:45 min per track and 48 kbps eAAC+ encoding.

*** Capacity based on 3:45 per song with 48 kbps eAAC+ (M4A) encoding on the Nokia Audio Manager. Capacity with 128 kbps AAC encoding is up to [12,000] songs.

Power Management*
Battery: Nokia Battery BL-5F, 950 mAh
Talk time: up to 150 / 220 minutes (WCDMA / GSM)
Standby: up to 200 / 220 hours (WCDMA / GSM)
Video playback: up to 5 hours (offline mode)
Music playback: up to 14 hours (offline mode)
TV playback: up to 4 hours (DVB-H)

* Operation times may vary depending on radio access technology used, operator network configuration and usage.

Display and User Interface

2.8” QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) LCD TFT display with up to 16 million colors
User Interface: S60 3rd edition, feature pack 2
Active standby screen, Multimedia menu

Data Transfer*

WCDMA HSDPA 900/2100 MHz with simultaneous voice and packet data (PS max speed DL/UL= 3.6Mbps/384kbps, CS max speed 64kbps)
Dual Transfer Mode (DTM) support for simultaneous voice and packet data connection in GSM/EDGE networks. Simple class A, multi slot class 11, max speed DL/UL: 177.6/118.4kbps
EGPRS class B, multi slot class 32, max speed DL/UL= 296/177.6kbps
GPRS class B, multi slot class 32, max speed DL/UL= 107/64.2kbps

Some people may think that there is not that much difference or there is nothing over n-95 .
Look the specifications keenly we can see a lot of difference . The major one is ' touch screen' and we have improved flash and memory . And also we have an inbuilt tv tuner !
But the only think that I found not good was it's battery life! we expected something more.

However here is the links that you are looking for
3. (to buy it - store locator)
2 Responses to "Nokia N-96 a fantastic combination of style and power ."
30 September 2008 at 07:50
every thing about nokia n 96
Anonymous said :
29 November 2008 at 02:08
N96 is not a touch screen phone.
although it is very good phone but in the USA is useless because, you can't use the TV function neither the video phone, in addition the office version you have to buy a licenese which add to the very expensive price.
the GPS has a free navigation trial which also you have to renew and pay extrea.

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