California ARB to Hold Public Meeting on Feebate Program for New Vehicle GHG Reduction

Jose Michael

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is holding a public consultation meeting to discuss ARB’s proposed research contract titled “Potential Design, Implementation, and Benefits of a Feebate Program for New Passenger Vehicles in California” at the CalEPA Headquarters Building, in Sacramento, California, 5 November.

As described in the Proposed Scoping Plan (earlier post), ARB is commissioning a study to analyze the implementation of feebates for new vehicles in California both in place of and in addition to the Pavley (AB1493, greenhouse gas emissions) standards. The study will assess elements of program design including fee and rebate levels, point of regulation, implementation strategy, consumer response, and interaction with other AB 32 programs.

Based on standard research contract processes, ARB issued a research solicitation to University of California and California State University researchers for pre-proposals to analyze the potential design and benefits of a feebate program for California. Through this solicitation process, ARB selected the team from the Institute of Transportation at University of California, Davis, led by Dr. David Greene and Prof. David Bunch, in collaboration with researchers from University of California, Berkeley and Irvine campuses to develop a full proposal for funding.

The public consultation will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to review the research objectives and discuss the scope of work with the research team and ARB staff. A summary of public comments will be presented to the Research Screening Committee (RSC) for consideration at their meeting later in November. The Board’s legislatively mandated RSC consists of scientists, engineers, and others knowledgeable, technically qualified, and experienced in air pollution and climate change problems. Depending on the RSC’s recommendation, the proposal would then be presented to the Board for approval of the contract award.

Materials and an agenda will be posted prior to the consultation meeting at This meeting will be webcast and can be viewed the day of the meeting.

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