Johnson Controls-Saft Announces Second Lithium-Ion Hybrid Battery Production Contract

Jose Michael

14 October 2008

VL6P power vs. energy during 10s pulses at various temperatures. Click to enlarge. Source: JCS

Johnson Controls-Saft (JCS) will be providing lithium-ion batteries for production versions of BMW’s 7 Series ActiveHybrid car, currently being showcased at the Paris motor show. (Earlier post.) The ActiveHybrid is a mild hybrid configuration.

JCS will use its new high-power 6.8 Ah VL6P cells in the BMW packs. The VL6P, developed under several cost share programs with the sponsorship of USABC (FreedomCar) and the Department of Energy in the USA, is targeted for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and high power applications, said Frederic Bonhomme, Johnson Controls-Saft USA, in a paper presented at the recent 1st International Conference on Advanced Lithium Batteries for Automobile Applications, organized by Argonne National Laboratory.

The VL6P cell is 38mm in diameter by 145mm in length.

The VL6P cell uses a LiNixCoyAlzO2 cathode material paired with low-cost graphite anodes, and proprietary electrolyte mixtures based on alkylcarbonates and LiPF6 salt with vinylene carbonate additive.

The cylindrical VL6P cells offer discharge power densities (10s pulse to 2.5 V) of 3,470 W/kg (7,375 W/L) and regen densities (10s pulse to 4.1 V) of 2,295 W/kg (4,875 W/L).

Total energy per cell is 25 Wh; available energy (assuming 30% to 70%) is 10 Wh.

This BMW contract is the second automotive lithium-ion production contract for Johnson Controls-Saft, which is also providing the Li-ion packs for the Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHYBRID. (Earlier post.)

The lithium-ion cells and modules for BMW will be produced at the Johnson Controls-Saft production facility in Nersac, France. The facility opened in January 2008 and is scaleable as demand increases.

Additionally, the company says that it has multiple development contracts underway for lithium-ion batteries for HEVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

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