Clean kit for a clean team

Jose Michael

I love this time of the year. I get to see all the fresh new kits as they hit the roads. One in particular that stands out. Team CSC. Gone are the fairly even distributions of red, black, and white. Gone too are the ’six pack’ abdominal wings symbolizing the nickname of Riis Cycling’s owner, Bjarne “The Eagle” Riis.

In it’s place is a kit that is mostly white with a smattering of black on the left side of the jersey. The black carries around the back where you will see some red spread across the shoulders like a sunburn from riding too long.

Designer Inger Tanderup Klixbull, creative director at the add agency Ogilvy in Chicago wanted the design to reflect the team’s unity especially around riding clean.


Look closely where the black and red begin to fade into the white of the uniform. There you will see the signatures of the members of the team. I just think it looks cool.



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