cycle The long tail may help cycling

Jose Michael

One of the new mantras post “Tipping Point” is the Long Tail. The theory is that technology is allowing us access to such a wide choice of items. We are no longer bound by the physical limitations of a retail store. Using an example of music, a retail outlet can only hold so many CDs. Therefore, it stocks the CDs that have the broadest appeal.

Now with iTunes and other digital music stores, I can search for any arcane piece of music and since there no physical limitations of packaging, shipping, housing, etc., I can find it and purchase it. The Long Tail theory states that the sum of all these one off songs surpasses the sales of the popular songs.

For the upcoming Olympics, Microsoft is poised to announce a deal where they will show an additional 2,200 hours of live coverage and 3,000 hours of on demand coverage of Olympic sports. The coverage will focus on those sports that tend to get short changed on network TV.

Since cycling is a “Long Tail” sport, we should be getting access to some cycling footage. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sick of the highlight shows to get my cycling fix.

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