FDK Introduces New Ultracap Modules for Vehicles

Jose Michael

FDK Corporation, a global electronic component and battery manufacturer, will introduce its new ECM15P series EneCapTen ultracapacitor modules for use in vehicles at ELECTRONICA 2008, 11-14 November in Munich, Germany.

The ECM15P. Click to enlarge.

FDK’s 15V ultracapacitors are modularized versions of its original high-capacity EneCapTen capacitor cells for vehicle use. These capacitors have a long cycle life of more than 500,000 cycles, a high power density relative to batteries, and an efficiency rating of 99.9%. At 260x210x60mm in size, they have 525F of capacitance, 10.5 Wh of energy capacity, and 5 kW of maximum power.

Among the applications for the modules suggested by FDK are use in a stop-start system which can regenerate electric power during deceleration or use to extend the product life of lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. Because of its good thermal performance, the ECM15P can be placed near the engine, thus reducing the length of the electric wires and the resistance loss.

The ECM15P modules are equipped with balance circuits to equalize each cell’s voltage, protection circuits to prevent over charge and discharge, and have an advanced power management system with microcomputer control as standard equipment.

Samples will be available in November.

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