Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine to Make Its Japan Debut

Jose Michael

The Scuderi Group will debut the Scuderi Engine to the Japanese automotive industry this week at the Nagoya Eco Clean Car Fair, Nov. 7-9 at the Port Messe Nagoya. The Scuderi Group is attending the event as an invitee of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a government-related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world.

The Nagoya Eco Clean Car Fair 2008 is an exhibition that demonstrates advanced automotive technologies for environmental protection and CO2 emissions reduction.

The basic Scuderi Engine is a split-cycle design that divides the four strokes of a standard engine over a paired combination of one (intake/compression) cylinder and one (power/exhaust) cylinder. By firing after top-dead center, it produces highly efficient and clean-burning combustion with one cylinder and compressed air with the other. These two cylinders perform their respective functions once per crankshaft revolution. (Earlier post.)

The Scuderi Air-Hybrid uses the base Scuderi Engine and incorporates an inexpensive air tank and some controls. Unlike an electric hybrid that stores wasted energy in the form of electricity, the Scuderi Air-Hybrid captures unused energy in the form of compressed air.

The results of computer simulations and testing indicate:

  • Fuel efficiency 25-50% higher than current conventional engines;

  • NOx emissions up to 80% less than current gasoline and diesel engines;

  • Considerably more torque and power than conventional engines; and

  • Minimal manufacturing and retooling costs due to use of similar or common components.

With a proof-of-concept prototype on schedule to be built this year, the Scuderi Engine will undergo rigorous testing before being unveiled to the industry in April 2009 at the SAE World Congress in Detroit.

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