SulphCo Reports Positive Results from Commercial-Scale Field Trial of Sonocracking

Jose Michael

SulphCo, Inc., a technology company with a patented process that uses a combination of ultrasound, catalysts and chemical additives to desulfurize crude oil (earlier post), successfully duplicated on a commercial scale in field trials the positive results recently produced in its Houston laboratory.

The results of the SulphCo Sonocracking process vary depending upon the characteristics of the crude being processed. In a conference call to investors in September, SulphCo said that it had been able to consistently produce in the laboratory around a 35% reduction in sulfur in a potential customer’s crude, and that additional processing could take that up to a consistent 50% reduction.

Dr. Larry D. Ryan, SulphCo’s CEO, said that the company had produced results consistent with those reductions in the commercial-scale field trials using its newest 5,000 barrel per day mobile skid unit and latest generation ultrasound probe and reactor design.

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