3 of the Top Search Engines

Jose Michael

The top search engines as far as most of us are concerned are the ones which the majority of surfers use when searching for information on the Internet. There could well be other criteria which would place the search engines in a different order, but for the most part it's a popularity contest with the most well-used search engines being the top search engines.

The top search engines top slot has to go to Google. Since its creation Google has gone from strength to strength and now has a commanding place on the Internet. With Google you don't just get a list of sites that it finds that match your search criteria. Instead you get a list that is ranked in what Google's crawlers think is in order of relevance to what you're looking for - if it doesn't look right then redefine your criteria because the list is probably right for what you've searched on! With the rate that sites are created and abandoned, there's a lot of site listings which are now defunct and it takes a while for Google to find these, but it does have a saving grace on that issue because it keeps a cache of the last time that page was saved, so if you can't access the up-to-date page, try the cache and it might have what you're looking for. Google's other features include the ability to search only for images, or to search on newsgroups.

Because of their popularity as email providers both Yahoo and AOL are popular search engines and worthy of a mention in an article on the top search engines. At one time Yahoo was probably ranked higher and all of the entries in its directory where checked and categorized by hand. Then with the introduction of Google's efficient crawler-based system, Yahoo also switched across to an automatic approach but somewhere along the line was passed by Google's ability to bring in the surfers. AOL also uses a crawler-based system of returning search lists, but the list is very similar to that produced by Google. If you were to try the same criteria on all 3 of these top search engines Google and AOL are likely to bring back almost a matching list, whereas Yahoo may give you something different.

There are many other search engines that you can use, Altavista, and Ask Jeeves for example, but for the top slots, it's hard to argue with sites that are coping with the amount of search traffic that AOL, Yahoo and most importantly, Google, are handling.

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