How you can Increase your Search Engine Rank

Jose Michael

When you build a website, you usually build it with the thought of having visitors take a look at what you have to offer. This is especially true of the websites which are set up as online stores or those which hope to get a little income from affiliate scheme or paid advertising.

There are many different search engines on the Internet and they don't all work in the same way. Some of the require you to input manually information about your site - and even about each page of your site, others don't require you to do anything as they have an automatic process which "spiders" websites and takes from it all the relevant information it needs to add it to the search engine's directory.

If you are spidered by Google, one of the Internet's main search engines, then you are hoping for a good search engine rating from it because that means you will be placed higher on the "returns" list for the search criteria Google has associated with your site. This demand for more focused content on websites has created a demand for writers who are able to produce articles that are going to attract the search engine's spider and get a better ranking from it.

Keywords are what the Google spider is looking for. If you have created an article which is primarily dealing with a specific subject area, and make it "key word" - that is a word that people will search for if they are looking for information on your subject - rich, usually about 2-3% of the total article is right, then the search engine rank will be good. You have to be careful not to create articles that are overdosed with keywords however as these won't provide the kind of quality that Google is looking for and this could damage your ranking.

Content remains king on the Internet and Google is doing its best to make sure it stays that way by rewarding quality sites with good content with a good search engine rank.

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