Mobile Computing

Jose Michael

Mobile computing refers to an ability of a person to use technology while in motion with no wires attached. It means using a computer type in a moving background. The devices may be like palmtops, laptops and mobile phones. These kinds of devices use the wireless technology like Wi-Fi, LAN and GPRS.

Portable computing and mobility computing are the two sub categories of mobile computing. Portable, as the name suggests, is related to wired technology. Portable devices can be easily carried away to places where there exists a network port otherwise they won’t work. Mobile computing is another name for mobility computing. Mobile means any device which is movable and practices wireless technology. Mobile computing enables people to use mobile devices anytime and anywhere. As the technology advances, more and more people are opting for mobility computing rather than portable computing. Of course, who would want to indulge in portable devices if there exists a better and convenient alternative as mobile computing?

Vehicles make use of mobile computing at a great extent. The first one to use the mobile computing technology was the speedometer. These days it has become quite easy to find devices enabled with mobile computing technology. The best and the most common example of the prosperous mobile computing technology are the cell phones. You must have heard that a mobile phone is a computer in itself. The statement it justified. There are certain visible amazing examples of mobile computing like Bluetooth and internet facilities in cell phones. With Bluetooth transferring data was never as easier within a specified area. Your cell phones can connect you with the internet without any irritating wires. These are the perfect examples of advancement in mobile computing.

There are many useful benefits of mobile computing. The SMS or Short Messaging Service and MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service are something God like figures for the next generation. Even the businessmen implement these facilities. They get to know about the upcoming events via SMS while on the move and so on.

But if mobile computing has given its users with certain hassle free benefits then there comes some draw backs too. Today’s generation is so much addicted to their cell phones and other gadgets that they tend to feel restless if separated from them for even a single day. Plus, the cell; phones which come enabled with infra-red technology pose several types of health risks for the users.

The mobile companies are leaving no stone unturned to come up with the latest enhancements in the mobile computing devices. This is because of the ever-increasing demand of the mobile computing devices or wireless technology. The industry has experienced a major shift towards progress in the technological world. The latest progress in this field is MAN or Metropolitan Area Network. According to MAN, your vehicle will remain connected to your cell phone which means a network area even wider than the internet. As the next generation progresses and becomes addicted to the wireless technology, this field works day and night to bring forth new innovations almost every year. That means mobile computing is here to stay because of its bright future.

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