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Recycling Reduces WasteWelcome to the recycling section of the Clean Energy Ideas website.

The aim of this area is provide a range of information covering the process of recycling, and related activities.

Recycling helps to reduce the amount of certain substances which need to be produced from raw materials. Some of these substances are; glass, paper and plastic.

The process of recycling not only helps to conserve the levels of certain raw materials, but it also helps to conserve energy in the production of new products.

Recycling old products to turn them into new products generally requires less energy than it would take to create a new product from the original raw materials.

Recycling Articles

Below is a list of articles related to recycling and related activities. We hope these articles may be of use to you, in highlighting the steps you can take to reduce waste.

Reasons Why I Should Recycle (28th Jan 08) - Information relating to the reasons why we should all recycle more. This article is split up into convenient headings to provide a greater understanding of this matter.

The Recycle Logo & Symbol (30th Jan 08) - The recycling logo is an internationally recognized symbol used widely to identify recyclable products. This article provides a background of the symbol, and some information on usage.

Recycling Paper (1st Feb 08) - Information on the benefits of recycling paper products, included drawbacks, and other useful information concerning energy consumption and deforestation.

Why Is Recycling Important? (14th Feb 08) - Additional information covering the many reasons why recycling is important. This article contains facts, figures, and information to help you recycle more effectively.

Paper Recycling (25th Feb 08) - Information on recycling paper, including the benefits of recycling paper and cardboard products, including the energy saving concerned with this matter.

Recycle Bins (25th Feb 08) - A look at the many different types of recycling bins and recycling containers, including what we use these items for.

Recycling Plastic (13th March 08) - Information on the recycling of plastics, including a look at the resin identification system used to make the process of sorting plastics for recycling easier and more universal.

Tire Recycling (2nd April 08) - Information on the recycling of tires, and the reasons why stockpiling tires poses a threat to the environment.

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