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Tips for paper presentation

Here are few tips for writing quality papers:

1. First Identify the subject you are strongest in.
2. Then chose a advance topic in that subject.
3. Now start reading all the possible overview material available on NET.
4. Next step is go through the journals in that topic in your college library. (it's not easy to find a paper on the topic you are searching for, spend time, search all possible racks especially the old editions.
5. If possible try to access papers at IEEE Xplore or ACM library.
6. Now you will be in a position to understand that advance topic.
7. Spend few days and nights thinking how possibly you can extend that field or what improvements you can do to it.
8. If you are lucky enough to get new idea, don't hurry in making a paper. Make sure that idea you have got is not published any where. Consult a professor in this regard.
9. If every thing goes fine till here.. go ahead and start writing the paper in your OWN WORDS. NEVER COPY A SINGLE SENTENCE FROM ANY PAPER. IF YOU ARE RE-WRITING ANY SENTENCE OF ANY PAPER, Mention the name of the author, publication details in the references.

10. Submit the paper in some nice conference and symposium.

Many people have a misconception that paper presentation is all about presentation skills but it is not the case.

Here are few questions You need to pose your self.

1. Do I have a potential to author a paper ?
2. Why do I want to write a paper ?
3. What am I expecting once I have written the paper ?

1. Do I have potential to author a paper ?

Possible answers: YES (If have a high knowledge in a field.)
NO (Now, first start preparing your self in a particular field and then ask this same question once again).
Don't Know (Dude... read this thread once again.)

For those who have given reply "YES" for the above question.

Why do I want to write a paper ?

This is the next big question you need to ask yourself. There is some dignity associated with papers and one needs to maintain that dignity. I think you will be surprised what am I saying here. Dignity refers to your intension in writing the paper.

If you are copying some data availble on NET, or changing the name of some other authors and presenting it in some local institution... then this tread is not for those folks. You people can go ahead with your work since its not goign to produce you any long term goal. IF you think those certificates will be helpful in getting you a job .. then you are very much wrong. Once upon a time the interviewers were also students like you and me. THey understand what is your standard just by looking at the title of your paper.

Now to those folks you are guinenly interested in research. Always start a paper with a intension that you are going to learn something new. Don't expect everyone is going to appreciate your work. And don't give importance to the people who overact and copy papers.

Once you are in a process of writing a paper, do not reveal your original idea to anyone but make sure that you will explain the whole background to your friends, professors and critics. Once they know the background, they will be in a position to appreciate your work. If not, they will dis-regard your work as copied.

Here is some topics that you may find helpful.

  • vlsi
  • embedded systems
  • communications
  • digital image processing
  • network security and cryptography
  • Brain Computer Interfaces
  • circuits and Systems
  • FireWire
  • Neuroprosthetics
  • MeSCoDe
  • Mobile agent
  • Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD)
  • i-DEN
  • XMax
  • Z-Wave
  • Symfony
  • XBL
these are some of the topics, study on these, you will find some topics that suits you.
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